Traditional, modern, or just the way you want?

A log house is a natural part of the Finnish landscape in the countryside as well as in the city. The scope of manufacturers’ collections indicates the uniqueness of the housing and the almost limitless design possibilities.  Excellent examples of house solutions, floor plans and individual structural solutions can be found in the collections.  And if just the right floor plan doesn’t exist, bespoke solutions can be commissioned.

Superior quality and special properties

Logs of Ollikaisen Hirsirakenne are made from first class timber. Our selection includes versatile range of traditional massive logs and technically excellent laminated logs. Thanks to woods special capabilities, it is a pleasure to live, work and relax in genuine log building, as log construction breathes and thus creates a healthy environment. This unique breathing construction keeps log house warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer. Logs compensate indoor humidity by binding and releasing it, along with changing weather conditions and seasons. Log homes are proven to be allergy-friendly, thanks to great indoor atmosphere

Excellent accuracy

We design and product our logs with modern CAD-CAM system to guarantee supreme dimensional accuracy and quality. Our advanced double-lock log profile is the result of our long and continuous products development and experience. This unique log profile forms tighter and more energy efficient wall structure compared to competitive solutions.

Laminated but green

Laminated log consist of two or more layers that have been joint together in a way that hard heartwood lies in surface of the log beam. Laminated log is almost unyielding and non-cracking. During the last two decades that laminated log has been in manufacture, the bonding techniques have experienced revolutionary advances. With current peak-milled manufacturing technology and with modern PUR-adhesive compound, our laminated logs are nearly environmental as our massive logs have always been. Today’s advanced adhesive compound allows wood to breathe naturally, as massive logs do, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature and humidity.

Laminated Round Log

The laminated round log combines all of the qualities of laminated logs with the charm of the round forms of traditional massive logs. This material is both durable and ecological.

The laminated round log is a gift for those who like the appearance of round logs but are not satisfied by its technical characteristics. In a similar way to the laminated squared logs, the laminated round log is manufactured by gluing a few (from two to eight) pieces to a log which has been previously sawn. Gluing is done in a special hydraulic press by using ultra-resistant glue that allows the infiltrating capabilities of the timber. Houses built from this material are in harmony with nature and transfer this harmony to its inhabitants.

Non-settling Log

Non-settling log is the latest innovation in log house building technology. These logs are made from special multilayered cross-laminated timber. Non-settling log innovation allows to eliminate the phenomena of settling of the log frame made of traditional massive or laminated logs. This enables us to construct higher buildings made of wood. It also allows for mixing different materials such as glass, stone and steel elements together with wood in facades. Smart log is the future of wooden construction.


  • Fast assembly due to pieces manufactured with high precision
  • No settling
  • No need to adjust after construction works
  • Allows to construct higher buildings
  • Architectural freedom, pure & elegant design
  • The building material of the future